It’s time to put someone in the White House that isn’t clamoring to get in.

America Needs a Doctor!

"And I would never turn my back on my fellow citizens, if there was a hue and cry for such."

"Once you get close to the hornet's nest, they start buzzing. You're not challenging what's happening at all if they're not talking about you."


Ben on the Issues

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I believe that every president must stand by the solemn oath to “preserve, protect and defend” the Constitution.

-Ben Carson-

Dear Voter,

Politics is a nasty business. It's why so many Americans, including me, have been disillusioned.


Personal ambition and conflict are often valued more than honesty, substance and solutions.


I'm running for President because it's time for accountability and integrity, and the only way we can make a difference is for all of us as citizens to take a stand.


That includes holding the media to account when it spreads false or misleading information -- which is what CNN did at the start of the Iowa Caucuses on Monday night. They led people to believe I was leaving the race.


It was yet another example of creating rather than reporting the news, and it's wrong.


The media and the political class want to make you and I play by their rules. We can't let it happen. There's such a thing as right and wrong and we must keep pushing forward.


Iowa has spoken. New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada are next. In fact, New Hampshire will vote in just 6 days. We've got a job to do and we will not be silenced.


Ben Carson

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Exclusive audio was just released by Breitbart News which indicates that as the Iowa Caucuses were beginning on Monday night, the Cruz campaign called precinct captains across the state to inform them that I was suspending my campaign, and to instruct voters that "they should not waste a vote on Ben Carson and vote for Ted Cruz."


These calls were placed after my campaign

clarified that any talk of suspension was false.